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Cincinnati Firm, Premier Living LLC, Offers First National Social Security Advisor Class!
Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Premier Living LLC is a leader in Social Security Education

The inaugural National Social Security Advisor class was a huge success. Twenty-four advisors attended the training on January 21, 22 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Twenty financial advisors and four CPAs attended the training. Attendees from as far away as Maryland attended. The attendees were very engaged during the two day training. Some attendee comments:
  1. ”The notebook was a great resource.” – Laura
  2. ”Location/facilities were excellent.” – Dan
  3. ”Enjoyed the periodic recaps and guest speakers.” – Lori
  4. ”Excellent job! Continue to cover filing strategies since that is a most common issue.” – Larry
  5. ”I enjoyed the actual illustrations as they apply to real life situations.” – Chris
  6. ”I learned a lot, but now I know that there is more to learn.” – Alex
  7. ”Guest speakers were good, software presentation was good”. “Overall, terrific job. Worth the time and money.” “Good luck guys!” – Mike
  8. ”Liked the variety of topics – I may not remember all of the rules, but I will probably remember that there is a rule.” – Meg
  9. ”Keep providing this useful info!” – Steve
  10. ”Enjoyed the planning strategies that are not well known.” – Mike
  11. ”Great resource book and real life examples. Need more case studies.” – Tom
  12. ”Outside experts – very good.” – Jim
Of course, we also received comments and suggestions to improve the program. We have incorporated many suggestions into our February class. Specifically, we are adding 2-3 hours of additional case studies.

We have decided to offer a one day NSSA class in additional to two days.

During the first day, we will cover all of the SS topics required for the NSSA certification. We will also include a Medicare or Medicaid speaker along with 1 hour of case studies. One day attendees will have sufficient knowledge regarding SS to discuss with clients and to receive the NSSA certification.

Attendees on day two will gain a deeper and richer understanding about Social Security as we will have 2-3 hours of additional case studies and more time for Q&A. Attendees on the second day will also learn how to use the SS software and may decide to run SS options generating additional revenues. We will also discuss incorporating Social Security services into your practice and Social Security research in greater detail including POMS and the Social Security website.

We believe that advisors will gain sufficient understanding of SS in a one day class. Advisors in the two day class will gain additional knowledge thereby increasing their value to clients and learn how to use the SS software.

Also, folks may prefer to be out of the office for only one day.

We would enjoy seeing you at an upcoming session. Visit for additional information and to register. Folks wishing to attend the one day class will attend the first day of the two day class.

We are in discussions with a national company to prepare and administer the NSSA exam.

Please contact Marc Kiner via phone at 513-351-5707 or e-mail to discuss further.

Folks seeking Social Security assistance are looking for NSSA advisors.

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