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Questions for Social Security
Wednesday, June 29, 2016

People typically have lots of questions for Social Security, but the biggest question is how to get an answer to your questions! Next you may wonder how long will it take to get your answer…and will it be answered correctly? It seems if you ask more than one employee of the Social Security Administration a question you will get different answers. The answer to how you can contact the Social Security Administration is through their website, by phone or by going into the office.

There are very few options other than the Social Security Administration to get answers, but there are a few. Some former employees of the agency have decided to provide this service as well. Premier Living is one of those sources. As long as you are talking to an employee of the Social Security Administration or a former employee you can be confident you will get the answers you need.

How long will it take to get answers? This all depends on who you contact and the method you use. The Social Security Administration is difficult to reach by phone but it can be done if you have the time. They can be reached online but it takes time to receive a response. You can go into the office but you will have to take a number a wait and that can take quite a while.

A friend of mine recently went to the Social Security Office just to drop off his birth certificate and waited close to 4 hours. If you contact the few resources other than Social Security such as Premier Living, LLC you can get an answer in less time. Our consultants have access to the latest changes in the Social Security Laws and regulations.

Another common question is why you may receive different answers from different people. It all depends on how you ask your question. Unless you ask your question the same way each time there may be a difference in how the question is answered. This is yet another good reason to seek a source other than Social Security for answers. Those individuals can take the time to discuss your question and make sure the answer is right the first time. Unfortunately, Social Security employees do not have the time to spend with you and thus they will only answer your questions as asked.

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