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Social Security Education
Monday, March 17, 2014

Everyday, I come across articles regarding the lack of knowledge regarding the Social Security program. More and more authors, journalists and common folks (like me) are writing about options available to Social Security recipients and the need to do their homework before applying for Social Security benefits.

The public and professional advisors like CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents and other professional advisors are not familiar with the Social Security program and cannot advise their clients. An article published in Investment News discusses a survey conducted by Wharton School’s Pension Research Council. Wharton concludes that advisors give bad advice regarding Social Security. Please e-mail me at for a copy of this article.

This is why my partner, Jim Blair, and I are on a crusade nationwide to educate folks regarding Social Security. Jim is a 35 year veteran of the Social Security Administration. We understand that the majority of SS recipients do not understand how to maximize their Social Security Benefits and as a result, end up leaving money on the table. We train CPA’s, financial advisors and other professional advisors and realize the lack of understanding regarding Social Security basics and benefit optimization strategies. We have partnered with Paychex and PNC Bank to education CPA’s in Cincinnati and nationally.

Our goal is that professional advisors take a completely different perspective regarding Social Security. We want professional advisors to take a family approach to Social Security and to maximize the Social Security benefits for the family and not just one individual.

We always encourage folks to “Make a Plan” to take control and to maximize their Social Security Benefits. To facilitate, we have developed the “Make a Plan” Social Security Checklist. This checklist is a valuable reference tool that folks should be used prior to applying for benefits. A copy of this checklist may be downloaded from our website

The inaugural Premier Living Social Security Education Golf Tournament is scheduled for May 23, 2013. The purpose of this golf tournament is to promote Social Security education. We want folks to understand that they have options. Some options may not be familiar like “restricted application” and “claim and suspend.”

We have helped folks in Cincinnati and around the United States to maximize their benefits. We have recently helped clients in Kentucky, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Dayton, Mansfield, Maryland, Texas, Washington, and Virginia. Greater than half of our clients live outside of Cincinnati. Our business is truly national in scope.

Please visit our website to register for a Social Security Education seminar or webinar.

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"We were amazed regarding the number of choices available in addition to Jim Blair’s knowledge. Jim explained our options in language that we were able to understand.
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