Public Employee Advocacy

Purpose – To become an advocate for public employees and Federal employees subject to WEP and GPO.

Are you a local, county or state employee? If so, you may be subject to two Social Security provisions that result in reduced Social Security Benefits. If you did not pay Social Security tax on your wages, then you may be subject to these provisions: (also applies to Federal employees hired before 1984).

Windfall Elimination Provision (applies to folks eligible for a public employee pension AND Social Security benefits. Maximum Social Security reduction in 2019 is $463.

Government Pension Offset – (applies to folks eligible for a public employee pension and a spousal Social Security benefit. (Current spouse, ex-spouse or a deceased spouse). Social Security benefit is reduced by two-thirds of public employee pension.

We Will:

  1. Visit local congressmen and senators to discuss WEP and GPO,
  2. Publish periodic newsletters
  3. Monitor and review legislation
  4. Host bi-monthly webinars relating to WEP and GPO issues.
  5. Monitor issues relating to WEP and GPO related issues from the Social Security Administration.
  6. Monitor country totalization agreements.
  7. Provide resources such as Social Security guides, rules and regulations.

Let’s wipe out WEP and GPO together!

Contributions are NOT tax deductible.

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