How do you maximize your Social Security benefits? Premier Social Security Consulting offers affordable packages to help you understand and to maximize your Social Security benefits. Premier will guide you through the application process while assisting you to get the maximum social security benefits available. The result is the peace of mind from knowing you’ll receive the most from your Social Security retirement benefits.

Are You Getting Your Maximum Social Security Benefits?

You may have questions such as:

  • What is the best way to claim my benefits?
  • What are the average social security benefits?
  • What is the Full Retirement Age?
  • Will my benefits be reduced if I receive prior to Full Retirement Age? If so, by how much and is this decrease permanent?
  • Will my spouse be impacted if I receive benefits early?
  • How much can I earn while receiving Social Security benefits?
  • I have worked for the government and a Social Security covered job. Will I receive both benefits?

We can help you help you to “Make A Plan” to take control and maximize your benefits. Greater than 90% of all Social Security recipients do not maximize their benefits. Don’t be a statistic. Call us today!!!

Increase your maximum social security monthly benefits up to $800 for a married couple, $150 for an individual, and $450 for a surviving spouse.

These benefit increases represent equivalent benefits when utilizing various strategies.

More than 90% of Social Security recipients leave money on the table. Our professional advisors can help you to “Make a Plan” to take control and to maximize your Social Security benefits.

Premier Consultation Package: $545

  • Review Your Social Security Earnings/Benefit Statement.
  • Calculate Your Breakeven Point.
  • Compare Social Security Benefits Before and After Full Retirement Age.
  • Determine When You Should Apply for Social Security Benefits.
  • Identify Whose Account Your Social Security Benefits Should Be Based On (self, spouse, ex-spouse, deceased spouse).
  • Complete review of your unique issues (divorce, widow, remarriage and child-related situations).
  • Review all Social Security options showing how to increase your monthly Social Security benefits by $150-$800 thereby maximizing your lifetime social security benefits. Options to discuss include “file and suspend” and “restrictive filing”. Also discuss preparing a protective filing statement.
  • General discussion of Medicare, Parts A, B, C, D.
  • Assistance with Applying Online.
  • Follow Up Questions.

Online Application Assistance: $250

  • One-On-One Assistance Filing Online.

“Make Your Plan” Today

Contact Marc Kiner at 513-247-0526 or by e-mail at to get started. Let the former Social Security representatives with Premier Social Security Consulting help you to maximize your benefits. We can answer all your questions and provide you with answers to even the most complex social security questions. Did you know that you may not even be getting close to your maximum social security benefits?

Professional Resource Service

(For Professional Advisors such as CPAs, Lawyers, Tax Professionals, Insurance Agents and Enrolled Agents)

Jim Blair is uniquely qualified to be your resource consultant for all Social Security questions. We offer access to Mr. Blair for professional advisers. Call for Details. For additional services such as finding out your maximum social security benefits and getting your max earnings on social security, please call Marc Kiner or Jim Blair at 1-800-518-0761.

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